Antoine Beauvillain I’ve got 99 problems, and Users make up about all of them.
But hey, that’s why I’m here!

Hi there, I'm

a UX & UI
a motion
an amateur
a fun
guy. :D
a sports


24 years old French guy studying UX and UI design since 2013 at the _Web School Factory+ and still going strong.

Although I mostly hang around Paris at the moment, I’ve lived, worked, and studied in many other places such as Andorra+, Sweden+, or Australia+.

Many places, many challenges, and even more ways to go about them.

While those experiences have kept reminding me of the complexity of dealing with people and their needs, it’s shown me how much power a great design and experience can have.

That's neat and all

But what is it I do you may ask.

UX Design

Researching, studying, and testing with users. And communicating the results through personas, patterns, storyboards.

UI Design

With a great experience comes great web and mobile interfaces. While keeping in mind each industries good practices and codes.

Motion Design

Motion is change, and change is good. When used wisely. The interactions between elements is essential, even on a prototype.


Because we all work so much better when we understand each other, I do my best to be as tech-savvy as possible. And I speak developer quite well.


Photography started as a hobby. The world is there to capture and share. And let’s be honest, I couldn’t get myself to use stock photos...

Which translates into

A wide variety of works.

Who I've worked for/with

Because in the end, I don't always work just for myself.